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New to HPTA - Nuclear Safety Culture Workshop

Achieve nuclear construction excellence with the Nuclear Safety Culture Workshop new to HPTA.

The Nuclear Safety Culture workshop helps HPC contract partners understand what they must do to help build and be part of a strong nuclear safety culture at HPC. It aims to establish a clear understanding of what is meant by Project Culture and how we can influence it by living the Project Values.

What is it all about?

Nuclear safety culture in nuclear new build is about preventing latent faults in the construction of the plant by avoiding the human errors that cause them.

What we mean by “latent faults” is the things that aren’t as they should be – and these can be anything from the wrong concrete mix to a typing error in some software code – that will become a problem at some time in the future.

The workshop uses the story of a fictitious new nuclear power station to illustrate how and why latent faults were built into it and what happens when a few faults combine and become a very serious problem. Once a problem has been built in it may wait many years until it shows up, by which time it may be far too late to do anything about it. It could be enough to shut the station down for a long time or even permanently. We can’t predict how serious even a seemingly trivial fault will become given the right circumstances.

HPC Project Culture Workshop

DURATION: 6hrs The Programme:

  1. Intro -Project Culture & Values
  2. Defence in Depth –Animation
  3. BREAK
  4. A Case Study of Culture –Holy Island Human Error.
  5. Communications listening exercise
  6. LUNCH
  7. The case study finale
  8. A Team Charter

For more information and costings please contact us at the email address below.