Our Values


Our belief

We believe in harnessing the power of learning for the economic benefit of the local community and the people who live there

How we do this

We do this by providing an innovative and effective connection between those building HPC and the local education and training sector

What this looks like

In collaboration with EDF Energy, their Tier 1 contractors and supply chains, we seek to understand the skills needs of the project and then to work with local organisations to develop capability and capacity and provide timely, high quality education and training solutions to meet those needs

Our Values

Our People are – Passionate, enthusiastic, motivated, hungry for knowledge, fun

We are Honest – No escaping the reality!

We strive for Quality – What else is there?

We accept Accountability – We will own the issue

We insist on Respect – For you, and us

We work as a Team – We won’t achieve anything by working in silos!

We are Trusting and Open in all our relationships – We wear our hearts on our sleeves

We are Collaborative in our approach – Harnessing all available skills, yours as well as ours

We focus upon Performance – Ultimately, results matter!


These values fully reflect those of the  HPC Project:

Humility – recognising there is always an opportunity to learn from others and improve

Positivity – being an “energiser” and focusing on solutions when faced with challenges

Respect – valuing people, safety, the environment, and the rules under which we operate

Clarity – knowing how far we have come, how far we’ve got to go, and how we’re going to get there

Solidarity – being one team, working closely together and helping each other